Departmental Bulletin Paper 歯冠補綴治療における接着技法の現状
Current state of bonding systems in fixed prosthodontic treatment
シカン ホテツ チリョウ ニオケル セッチャク ギホウ ノ ゲンジョウ

南, 弘之

35pp.35 - 44 , 鹿児島大学
Progress of bonding techniques in dental materials is prompting to come through with the diverse demands in dental practice. Applications of bonding techniques enable the preservation of intact tooth structures during prosthetic and restorative treatments by minimal tooth reduction, which realize the minimally invasive clinical practice. In these days, bonding to dentine, enamel, many kinds of alloys, and zirconia has been improved, however, definite technique has not yet been established for the bonding to ceramics and indirect resin composites. This article introduces the current state of bonding systems available to indirect resin composite, ceramics, metal-ceramic gold alloys, and zirconia, on the basis of the study results achieved in our laboratory. Some clinical cases are also presented to show how these bonding techniques should be used in clinical practice.

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