Departmental Bulletin Paper Are our scintigraphic results useful as a clue for interpreting kinetics of nuclear agents?

佐藤, 強志  ,  森田, 康彦  ,  馬嶋, 秀行

35pp.21 - 28 , 鹿児島大学
"Until about ten years ago, we have performed scintigraphy with 201-thallium chloride (201-TlCl) and 99m-Tc-hexakis-2-methoxy-isobutyl-isonitrile (99m-Tc-MIBI) for malignant tumors. In this article, we re-evaluated scintigraphic images retrospectively with a hope that the results might be a clue, even if it is small, for dentists to try to improve the accuracy of diagnosis of malignant tumors. From scintigraphy, we obtained the tumor retention index as a factor to estimate the uptake of radioactive agents in tumor cells. Moreover, we estimated transport proteins of Na^+/K^+-ATPase and permeabilityglycoprotein (P-gp) expressed on the cell membrane that might regulate the kinetic condition of radioactive agents. Among the tumor retention index, the transport protein and the histopathologic finding of tumors, there were relatively well correlations. The tumor retention index showed a difference clearly between malignant tumor and benign tumor. The transport protein revealed a distinct expression in accordance with the malignancy of tumor, and the uptake clearly depended upon the expression of transport protein."

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