Departmental Bulletin Paper 看護基礎共通技術、基礎看護技術における演習協力体制について
The cooperation system of the practicum courses in fundamental skills of nursing care and fundamental nursing skills
カンゴ キソ キョウツウ ギジュツ、 キソ カンゴ ギジュツ ニオケル エンシュウ キョウリョク タイセイ ニツイテ

中俣, 直美  ,  山口, さおり  ,  今村, 圭子  ,  楠元, 裕佳  ,  松成, 裕子  ,  八代, 利香

Our university introduced a new curriculum from 2012 and changed the course titles of the nursing skills subjects. In the courses ""Basic General Nursing Techniques"" and ""Basic Nursing Techniques"" teachers have to grasp changes in the students' characteristics and have to develop learning methods suited to the students' characteristics. This is a summary and a report of the cooperation system of practicum courses taught by teachers with solid educational skills, which is this university's strength, and the university hospital nursing staff.

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