Departmental Bulletin Paper 基礎看護技術における学生の能動的学習方法の転換へ向けての支援の取り組み
Approaches to Enhance the Active Learning Behavior of Students taking Basic Nursing Technique
キソ カンゴ ギジュツ ニオケル ガクセイ ノ ノウドウテキ ガクシュウ ホウホウ ノ テンカン エ ムケテ ノ シエン ノ トリクミ

今村, 圭子  ,  山口, さおり  ,  中俣, 直美  ,  楠元, 裕佳  ,  松成, 裕子

When lecturing on the subject of nursing technique, it is necessary to make students understand what they learn by evoking and correlating them, and it is necessary to enable students to foster their ability of judging concerning help and also support them so that they can integrate their knowledge and technique, understanding and acquiring basic nursing technique. However, in reality students often feel their knowledge is lacking on the subjects that they have studied. Their study hours of preparation and reviewing of their university class work were less than one hour in average a day, and from the recording on training table and learning table, it was suggested that the students taking the course of basic nursing technique were not exceptions in their learning failure. Therefore, for the purpose of entrenching the practice of pre-learning and post-learning, pre-learning was presented on the training table that had been used for the discussion on what they practiced after the training. The introduction of quizzes, presentations during training and a change of the form of the learning table were attempted. As a result, changes were seen in the behavior of students attending class and the exchange of opinion in discussion. It was confirmed that these approaches provided support to enhance students' active learning behavior.

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