Departmental Bulletin Paper 基礎看護学領域における看護技術の教育内容の精選
Selection of educational contents for nursing skills in fundamental nursing
キソ カンゴガク リョウイキ ニオケル カンゴ ギジュツ ノ キョウイク ナイヨウ ノ セイセン

山口, さおり  ,  今村, 圭子  ,  中俣, 直美  ,  楠元, 裕佳  ,  松成, 裕子

Based on the characteristics of students studying skills in a sophomore class, we selected educational contents for nursing skills in fundamental nursing, referring ""Skill Categories in Nurse Education and Attainment on Graduating,"" published by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare in February, 20CB and the educational contents of two other universities on this topic. As a result of our selections, we found that some educational contents need to be reconsidered and items of nursing skills for the following topics need to be revised: dietary, elimination, activity/rest, hygiene/clothing, respiration/circulation stabilization, wound management, securing of comfort, drug administration, and observation of symptoms and functions of the body. This selection of educational contents for nursing skills in fundamental nursing suggests that we need to develop materials and methods for teaching the principles of nursing skills while maintaining practical, hands-on nursing practice. Furthermore, a great organizational effort is required, both in selecting the educational contents of a nursing skills curriculum covering all nursing areas and ensuring that theses nursing skills are attained on graduation.

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