Departmental Bulletin Paper 母性看護学教育でのディベート学習の試みとその評価 : 学生による質問紙調査より
An attempt of incorporating a debate course into th ematernity nursing class and its evaluation: A self-administered survey by Students
ボセイ カンゴガク キョウイク デノ ディベート ガクシュウ ノ ココロミ ト ソノ ヒョウカ : ガクセイ ニヨル シツモンシ チョウサ ヨリ

中尾, 優子  ,  吉留, 厚子  ,  井上, 尚美  ,  高田, 久美子  ,  藤野, 敏則  ,  若松, 美貴代

An attempt of introducing a debate course by students on a topic regarding breast-feeding into the maternity nursing class was made. A whole class consisting of 76 students participated in the debate. After the debate an evaluation questionnaire was completed by the students. Most students replied that the debate was successful and more than 80 percent agreed on the incorporating of the debate course into the class. As a background for the acceptance by the students, they may have felt that the debate was a real debate in some way and they may have been satisfied with the fact that they could participate in it actively. To make the debate more fruitful, it was suggested that the students take more time preparing for the debate in advance and that in addition to the whole-class debate, other types pf debate, such as a debate by a smaller number of students have to be adopted.

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