Departmental Bulletin Paper ペルー障がい者スポーツ支援派遣事業の活動報告 : JICA短期ボランティア派遣事業
Support of disabled sport project in Peru by JICA for short-term volunteers
ペルー ショウガイシャ スポーツ シエン ハケン ジギョウ ノ カツドウ ホウコク : JICA タンキ ボランティア ハケン ジギョウ

松田, 史代

Support for disabled sports project for patients with several departments at the Peru National Disability Rehabilitation Center (INR), a center built with funds from Japanese aid. In this time, 8 students and 2 physical therapists (one of two is teacher) were joined as short-term volunteers to support this project by Japan Inertnational Cooperation Agency (JICA). We assisted in running a disabled sports coach trainnig course at the Peru national Stadium in Lima, capital of Peru. This trainig course was designed to 1) cultivate local leaders and 2) facilitate the returns of local patients to society. The course consisted of lectures by the official for Disabled Sports at the local Ministry of Sport, and technical coaching and demonstrations of wheelchair basketball, A mputee's soccer, port-ball, rope jumping, ping-pong, and recreational activities by the patients and medical staff in INR (mainly staff is physical therapist in INR) and us. The final day was a sport event that included participants from two other hospitals in addition to the INR. We had a great time, and had fruitful opportunity to learn about the disabled sports and rehabilitation.

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