Departmental Bulletin Paper テキストマイニングによる成長報告書の分析
テキスト マイニング ニヨル セイチョウ ホウコクショ ノ ブンセキ
Analysis of development reports using text mining

西本, 大策  ,  李, 慧瑛  ,  緒方, 重光  ,  下髙原, 理恵  ,  峰, 和治  ,  新橋, 澄子  ,  深田, あきみ  ,  ニシモト, ダイサク  ,  オガタ, シゲミツ  ,  シモタカハラ, リエ  ,  ミネ, カズハル  ,  シンバシ, スミコ  ,  フカダ, アキミ  ,  NISHIMOTO, Daisaku  ,  LEE, Hyeyong  ,  OGATA, Shigemitsu  ,  SHIMOTAKAHARA, Rie  ,  下高原, 理恵  ,  MINE, Kazuharu  ,  SHIMBASHI, Sumiko  ,  FUKADA, Akimi

PURPOSE: The present study aimed to reveal information about the growth experienced by nursing students through analysis of free written reports on development. METHODS: Reports were written before the first half and after the second half of domain-variant practicums that had introduced portfolios. The nursing students' reports were compared to nursing faculty's ideas on perceptions od development. Free written data iof 84 students and 13 faculty members were analyzed using quantitative text analysis. RESULTSandCONCLUSION: Analysis of 10 frequently appearing words within the developmental reports indicated that the perceived growth of students changed from "reflection" to "abilities obtained." Four categories were extracted from self-organizing maps from before and after practicum. Differences were observed in content perceived as showing growth between students and faculty in overall arrangement of sampled words from correspondence analysis. Knowledge and enhanced skills in nursing tended to be perceived by students as "self-growth," whereas faculty were particularly focused on the emotional domain of "sensitivity," taking into consideration the balance of the three domains; congnitive domain, affective domain and psychomotor domain.
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