Departmental Bulletin Paper クリティカルシンキング力の変化 : 領域別学習の前後における比較
クリティカル シンキングリョク ノ ヘンカ : リョウイキベツ ジッシュウ ノ ゼンゴ ニオケル ヒカク
Changes in critical thinking: Comparisons before and after domain variant practicums

李, 慧瑛  ,  西本, 大策  ,  緒方, 重光  ,  峰, 和治  ,  下髙原, 理恵  ,  ニシモト, ダイサク  ,  オガタ, シゲミツ  ,  ミネ, カズハル  ,  シモタカハラ, リエ  ,  LEE, Hyeyong  ,  NISHIMOTO, Daisaku  ,  OGATA, Shigemitsu  ,  MINE, Kazuharu  ,  SHIMOTAKAHARA, Rie  ,  下高原, 理恵

PURPOSE: The critical thinking skills of nursing students underdoing domain-variant practicums were examined using two scales, both before and after the practicums. METHOD&RESULTS: On the Critical Thinking Disposition Scale, "awareness of rathional thought," "curiosity," and "focus on evidence" were significantly increased, with no change in "objectivity." On the Self-evaluation of Critical Thinking Abilities Scale, 19 of the 26 items were significantly increased, the top five being "pursuit of truth," "sense of cooperativeness,"" "level of intellectual maturity," "intellectual humility," and "reality-based." The bottom five items were "reading comprehension and study skills," "expressiveness in writing," "independence," "problem solving ability," and "self-determination and decision-anking ability." In particular, "wxpressiveness in writing" did not increase following the practicum, indicating a possible future area of focus for vursing education. CONCLUSION: Both scales showed correlations, as scores for those students who already scored high on the Critical Thinking Disposition Scale, and high scores on "communicative abilities," "flexibility," and "cooperativeness" on the CT Abilities Scale.
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