Departmental Bulletin Paper 発達障害児を持つ母親の育児ストレス : 児童発達支援事業所における調査の解析
Parenting stress in mothers of children with developmental disorders: A survey analysis at child development support center
ハッタツ ショウガイジ オ モツ ハハオヤ ノ イクジ ストレス : ジドウ ハッタツ シエン ジギョウショ ニオケル チョウサ ノ カイセキ

井上, 和博  ,  柳田, 信彦  ,  窪田, 正大  ,  深野, 佳和  ,  赤崎, 安昭

This study aimed to elucidate the relationship between the state of parenting stress, and various factors associated with stress in mothers of children with developmental disorders. A total of 132 mothers whose children attended child development support center participated and were surveyed regarding their parenting stress, coping behavior, and maternal role; the child's problem behavior; and social support. The mothers expressed few negative emotions associated with parenting itself, but felt stressed due to social activity restrictions and the child's problem behavior. Furthermore, in the relationship between the level of parenting stress (low and high groups) and the various factors associated with such stress, the degree of influence varied depending on the factor. This suggests that, since parenting stress results mainly from the child's problem behavior and perceived sense of accomplishment in the maternal role, appropriate support to address these areas is necessary.

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