Departmental Bulletin Paper Dorsal origin of the cutaneus trunci muscle in the rat, with special reference to the tail attachment

MINE, Kazuharu  ,  SHIMOTAKAHARA, Rie  ,  LEE, Hyeyong  ,  NISHIMOTO, Daisaku  ,  OGATA, Shigemitsu

PURPOSE: This study aimed to describe the dorsal origin of the cutaneus trunci muscle (CTM) especially focusing on the attachment manner to the tail. METHODS: The CTM consisted of the humeroabdominalis muscle (HAM) and humerodorsalis muscle (HDM). The dorsal origin of the HDM was divided into three parts: scapular, intermediate, and caudal. The muscle fibers which attached to the tail were derived from the caudal part. They attached to the spinous process and transverse process of the coccygeal vertebra, dorsal coccygeal fascia, and intervertebral ligament at the Co3-Co4 level. CONCLUSION: The reaults show robust attachment of the CTM to the vertebra, fascia, and ligament of the base of tail in the rat. The prior knowledge about the tail attachment of the CTM is thought to be beneficial to the improvement of experimental technique dealing with animal skin and its evaluation.

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