Departmental Bulletin Paper JAそお鹿児島ピーマン専門部会の活動内容と成果 : 日本農業賞受賞 : 集団組織の部
The Accomplishments of the Green Pepper Technical Committee in JA Soo Kagoshima: The green pepper technical committee win the Japanese agricultural prize in the group category
JA ソオ カゴシマ ピーマン センモン ブカイ ノ カツドウ ナイヨウ ト セイカ : ニホン ノウギョウショウ ジュショウ : シュウダン ソシキ ノ ブ

"秋山, 邦裕  ,  JAそお鹿児島  ,  井立田, 裕也"

"For the first time, the green pepper technical committee of JA Soo won the Japanese agricultural group prize in Kagoshima. The following materials for review are set out with the aim of sharing the glory of the group's success: (1) The comments and review of the judges (to be disseminated throughout Kagoshima). (2) Application forms submitted to the Japanese agricultural prize board. (3) The results of five case studies concerning the training of a public agricultural corporation engaged in farming. (4) A related feature article in a white paper on food, agriculture and rural districts. The accomplishments of the Green Pepper Technical Committee are as follows: (1) The promotion of the Production Centre through the advancement of a future production plan. To alleviate the problems caused by the reduction of government protection in certain areas by encouraging newcomers in continual engagement in farming. (2) A supporting system to promote newcomers into farming has been established. A training system of the public agricultural corporation targeting married people has been established. Regional vitalization has taken place through the engagement of newcomers to farming."

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