Departmental Bulletin Paper 遺伝子組換え作物の安全性審査と表示制度に関する考察
Safety Assessment and Labeling Regulations for Genetically Modified Crops in Japan
イデンシ クミカエ サクモツ ノ アンゼンセイ シンサ ト ヒョウジ セイド ニ カンスル コウサツ

"田代, 正一"

"The first genetically modified (GM) crops became commercially available in the United States in 1996, and now GM crops varieties constitute the vast majority of corn, cotton and soybean crops grown in the US. However, in Japan, commercial cultivation of GM crops for food and feed has not been implemented until now. Nevertheless, GM crops produced in foreign countries are imported in large quantities. In the future, the population of the world is expected to grow; therefore, some people hold the view that GM crops are essential for a stable food supply. On the other hand, there are people who are concerned about the effect of gene recombination technology on the safety of food and its ecological impact. In this paper, the author sets out to analyze the situation regarding the cultivation of GM crops around the world. This analysis is followed by an examination of the safety and labeling systems of GM foods in Japan. Finally, future issues surrounding the labeling system of GM foods under the TPP are addressed by the author."

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