Departmental Bulletin Paper Women Survivors: Female Characters and Their Role in Colonial Adventures: Elizabeth Whittaker's Robina Crusoe and the Image of Victorian Women


13pp.55 - 65 , 鹿児島大学
This paper aims to analyze the female characters in Whittaker's novel and the differences between them and the established ideas of what Victorian ladies were and should aspire to be. The idea of a powerful female protagonist who survives independently is a challenge to the Victorian ideal of the woman as a docile and subservient wife bound to her husband and is more similar to the later feminism and egalitarianism movements. The paper will also analyze the colonial, racial and gender discrimination and negative images regarding native and British women and will compare them with works by other authors of the era as well as modern criticism. A further aim is to underline the importance of Whittaker's novel from an educational and gender point of view, showing that the novel belongs in the "New Girl" socio-cultural and literary movement with which began the process of female emancipation.

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