Departmental Bulletin Paper Pressure Effect on the Martensitic Transformation and Magnetic Properties of Mn_{2−x}Ni_{1+x}Ga

MITSUI, Yoshifuru  ,  YOSHIMINE, Yuki  ,  Y. UMETSU, Rie  ,  MATSUBAYASHI, Kazuyuki  ,  UWATOKO, Yoshiya  ,  HIROI, Masahiko  ,  KOYAMA, Keiichi  ,  三井, 好古  ,  吉峰, 裕貴  ,  梅津, 理恵  ,  松林, 和幸  ,  上床, 美也  ,  廣井, 政彦  ,  小山, 佳一

48pp.35 - 39 , 2015-12 , 鹿児島大学 , カゴシマ ダイガク , Kagoshima University
The pressure effect on the magnetic properties of Mn-rich Heusler alloy Mn_{2−x}Ni_{1+x}Ga (x = 0.4 and 0.8) were investigated in high pressures up to 1.0 GPa. The Ni concentration x dependence of the lattice parameter monotonically decreased, which were good agreement with Vegard’s law. Martensitic transformation temperatures for x = 0.4 and 0.8 slightly increased by 8 K and 9 K with applying pressures of 1.0 GPa, respectively. This behavior is explained by the difference of the cell volume between the martensitic phase and parent phase.

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