Departmental Bulletin Paper Magnetic and electrical properties of Mn_{2}Sb_{1−x}Z_{x}(Z = Ge, Sn) under high pressures and high magnetic fields

KOYAMA, Keiichi  ,  SHIMADA, Daisuke  ,  ADACHI, Yoshiya  ,  ORIHASHI, Hiroki  ,  MITSUNAGA, Daisuke  ,  HIROI, Masahiko  ,  MITSUI, Yoshifuru  ,  KIMURA, Shojiro  ,  MATSUBAYASHI, Kazuyuki  ,  UWATOKO, Yoshiya

High pressures and high magnetic field effects on magnetic and electrical properties of polycrystalline Mn_{2}Sb_{0.92}Ge_{0.08}, Mn_{2}Sb_{0.92}Sn_{0.08} and Mn_{2}Sb_{0.85}Sn_{0.15} were investigated. These compounds showed a first-order magnetic transition between the ferrimagnetic (FRI) and antiferromagnetic (AFM) phases for 150–250 K temperature range in a zero magnetic field. The pressure dependence of the AFM/FRI transition temperature was estimated to be −5.1×10^−2 GPa^−1 for Mn_{2}Sb_{0.92}Ge_{0.08}. The electrical resistivity changed abruptly by 50% for Mn_{2}Sb_{0.92}Sn_{0.08} and by 71% for Mn2Sb0.85Sn0.15 at the transition temperature. We confirmed the negative magnetoresistance over 60% for the Sn-substituted compounds.

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