Departmental Bulletin Paper 液体窒素を使った演示実験の提案 : ピンポン玉の空中浮揚
A proposal for demonstration experiment by liquid nitrogen: Levitation of a ping-pong ball.
エキタイ チッソ オ ツカッタ エンジ ジッケン ノ テイアン : ピンポンダマ ノ クウチュウ フヨウ

伊藤, 昌和  ,  甲斐, 慶太  ,  桑原, 脩人  ,  松隈, 秀憲  ,  末廣, 渉  ,  重田, 出  ,  廣井, 政彦

We introduce an attractive demonstration experiment, ""Levitation of a ping-pong ball"", by cold liquid nitrogen. Liquid nitrogen in a PET (PolyEthylene Terephthalate) plastic bottle evaporates rapidly by being heated from the tap water around the bottle, and the nitrogen gas flows from a pipe which is attached to the bottle cap. A ping-pong ball floats above the pipe when the ball is put into the nitrogen-gas stream, due to the Bernoulli principle. We give some tips and important points for this demonstration, based on the experiences of scientific outreaches.

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