Departmental Bulletin Paper 鹿児島市の大気汚染調査(第28報) : 2014年度調査報告
カゴシマシ ノ タイキ オセン チョウサ (ダイ28ホウ) : 2014ネンド チョウサ ホウコク
Air Pollution in Kagoshima City (Part 28): Investigation from April 2014 to March 2015

本村, 知寛  ,  谷口, 遥菜  ,  中島, 常憲  ,  高梨, 啓和  ,  大木, 章  ,  モトムラ, トモヒロ  ,  タニグチ, ハルナ  ,  ナカジマ, ツネノリ  ,  タカナシ, ヒロカズ  ,  オオキ, アキラ  ,  MOTOMURA, Tomohiro  ,  TANIGUCHI, Haruna  ,  NAKAJIMA, Tsunenori  ,  TAKANASHI, Hirokazu  ,  OHKI, Akira

57pp.15 - 20 , 2015-11 , 鹿児島大学 , カゴシマ ダイガク , Kagoshima University
Air pollution in Kagoshima City from April 2014 to March 2015 was investigated with particular emphasis on the dust fall (volcanic ash fall) from Mt. Sakurajima. The dust fall was collected monthly with rainwater at eight locations in Kagoshima City. After the sample had been filtered, the residue was dried and weighed, and the filtrate was analyzed for SO4^2-, Cl^-, and water-soluble matter, as well as for pH. The average monthly dust fall at eight locations in Kagoshima City was 55.8 g·m^-2·month^-1, which was 40% decrease from that observed in the last fiscal year. The concentration of NO2 in the air was measured by use of the "filter-badge method". The average NO2 concentration at the eight locations was 5.8 ppb, which was somewhat lower than that observed in the last fiscal year.

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