Departmental Bulletin Paper 三軸せん断試験による豊浦砂としらすの圧縮指数の決定
Determination of Compression Index for Toyoura Sand and Shirasu by Triaxial Compression Test
サンジク センダン シケン ニヨル トヨウラ スナ ト シラス ノ アッシュク シスウ ノ ケッテイ

"三隅, 浩二  ,  野村, 将平"

57pp.1 - 6 , 鹿児島大学
"The determination procedure of sandy soil’s compression index is proposed in this paper. At first, a series of triaxial compression test datum are obtained under constant mean normal stress condition. Secondly, this method is carried out by fitting some equations to sandy soil’s shearing behaviors (i.e., dilatancy behaviors). Finally, sandy soil’s compression index is obtained by relationship between maximum positive volumetric strains and initial specific volumes. The validity of this method is confirmed by applying to Toyoura sand and local soil Shirasu. And the differences of these soils’ compression index are made clear by comparison with their values."

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