Departmental Bulletin Paper [学会報告要旨]

太平洋島嶼沿岸域における「人と自然の連動システム」に関する学融的研究 / 河合渓・西村知・小針統・鳥居享司(鹿児島大)・J.Veitayaki(南太平洋大学)
自然環境への人為攪乱の影響とその評価 : フィジー共和国ビチレブ島の村落を例に / 河合渓・西村知・小針統・鳥居享司・J.Kitolelei(鹿児島大学)・J.Veitayaki(南太平洋大学)
Resource Use and Human Disturbance in Coastal Ecosystem: a Case Study of Viti Levu Island, Fiji. / KAWAI K., Kobari T., Manabe H., Torii T., NISHIMURA S. and Joeli Veitayaki.
Integrate-disciplinary Evaluation of Ecology-Economy Interacting System in Marine Resources / KAWAI Kei, KOBARI Toru, TORII Takashi and NISHIMURA Satoru
“The Current Situation and Challenges of Fisheries Resource Management System in Fiji: A Case Study of Nakorokura Village” / TORII T, Kitolelei K, Nishimura S, Kawai K, Kobai T
Sustainability of Nature and Society in the South Pacific: An Approach for the Genuine Economic Development in Indigenous Fijian villages. / Satoru NISHIMURA, Takashi TORII, Kei KAWAI, Toru KOBARI.
Current Challenges of Managing coastal Fisheries in Fiji: The Case Study of Veivatuloa Village / Jokim KITOLELEI・Takashi Torii・Satoru NISHIMURA・Kei KAWAI
Formalization of Traditional Rules and Governance in Fiji Coastal Communities: A case study of Veivatuloa village. / Jokim KITOLELEI, Satoru NISHIMURA, Takashi TORII, Kei KAWAI

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