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国際シンポジウム ; Challenge of Integrated Disciplinary Research: Natural Resources Use by People in the Pacific Islands
International Symposium; Challenge of Integrated Disciplinary Research: Natural Resources Use by People in the Pacific Islands
The balance between humans and nature is an everlasting theme. Because we human beings live and evolve in the natural environment our lives depend on it. In addition to that, we are constantly developing civilization and therefore our interaction with natural environment, especially the utilization of natural resources, has been undergoing change and adaptation. With the use of The Scientific Research Fund, we have been conducting research on the relation between humans and nature regarded from the viewpoint of“ Integrated Disciplinary Research.” In our study of Fiji various research fields are integrated through three stages. In the first stage, the coexistence between humans and the nature was set as a key issue and we have researched the topic of resource utilization with a view to quantifying the factors related to the economic system and natural environment in coastal fishing villages. In the second stage, we classified the villages’ lifestyles into these types according to the popularity of monetary economy and on the basis of statistical analysis. Finally, in the third stage, a project on the Ecosystem Services was started. In this stage we pointed to the importance of bivalve“ Kaikoso” in the ecosystem and then elucidated the relationship between traditional village institutions and current domestic and international influences. In this symposium we will report the outcomes of our research, especially those derived from the third stage, and draw attention to issues and problems that often emerge when integrated disciplinary research on the relation between humans and nature is conducted with a focus on the interaction between humans and nature in Pacific Islands.
基調講演1 : Integrated Coastal Management Initiative in Gau Island, Fiji: the Activities and the Interesting Lessons Learned / Veitayaki, J.(南太平洋大学・フィジー)
基調講演2 : Re-examining the Rural Economy in the Pacific Islands: Accounting for Natural Resource Use by Women in Coastal Communities / Bidesi, V.(南太平洋大学・フィジー)
報告1 : Factors Influencing the Natural Resource Use in Semi Self-sufficient Communities / 西村知(鹿児島大学)
報告2 : The Change and Challenges of Resource Management System in Fiji / 鳥居享司(鹿児島大学)
報告3 : Comparison of Fisheries Management in Fiji / Kitolelei J.(鹿児島大学)
報告4 : Comparison of Dietary Habit for Fijian Local People Using Stable Isotope Ratio / 小針統(鹿児島大学)
報告5 : Bivalve Resources Use by Local People in Fiji / 河合渓 (鹿児島大学)


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