Departmental Bulletin Paper 主体的に学ぶ力を育成する実習方法の検討 : 経験型実習教育の現状と課題
Training Method for Fostering Self-Directed Learning Skills: Current Situation and Future Challenges Regarding Experience-Based Learning
シュタイテキニ マナブ チカラ オ イクセイスル ジッシュウ ホウホウ ノ ケントウ : ケイケンガタ ジッシュウ キョウイク ノ ゲンジョウ ト カダイ

李, 慧瑛  ,  下高原, 理恵  ,  峰, 和治  ,  深田, あきみ  ,  新橋, 澄子  ,  緒方, 重光

To develop a training method that fosters self-directed learning skills in nursing students, we conducted a literature search to reveal the current trends in Japan in experience-based learning, which uses students' own experiences as teaching materials. In this educational approach, semi-structured interviews and process recording during training, which aims to turn experience into learning, have been reported to promote thought and exploratory behavior among students. However, experience-based learning requires high teacher quality and leadership skills as well as long-term and thorough commitment, which may be limiting its spread. Therefore, to foster students capable of acting and making decisions independently, it is important to provide training that incorporates problem-based learning and active learning in addition to experience-based leaning. Future challenges include the establishment of measures to improve training and leadership skills among teachers and measures to review the evaluation method of training.

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