Departmental Bulletin Paper ホームヘルパーの自己評価と仕事満足度の関係
Relationship between self-Evaluation and Work Motivation of Home Helpers
ホーム ヘルパー ノ ジコ ヒョウカ ト シゴト マンゾクド ノ カンケイ

今村, 圭子  ,  立石, 憲彦

Care workers help each patient discover their will to live at a given life stage, giving multi-faceted support aimed at individual self-reliance. However, the turnover rate of nursing staff and home helpers continues to be higher than that of other professions. We carried out a self-administered survey of home helpers, with the intended goal of shining light on the relationship between self-assessment and the desire to work in home helpers. Looking at the results on the relationship between self-assessment and the desire to work, we observed, in a relatively large number of points, a significant relationship between points in the basic manner of self-assessment and points related to intended improvement in the desire to work. In particular, the desire to change the current conditions at work, among intended improvement points showing the desire to work, and points of the basic manner of self-assessment indicated a relationship. We were unable to identify a connection between the desire to work and a self-assessment that takes into account intentions. Based on these results, improving communication skills is one factor involved in increasing the desire to work. We also believe that implementing various assistance processes and the followed increase in experience is tied to the desire to work.

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