Departmental Bulletin Paper 沖永良部島の小学校における湧水地を活用したESD実践
オキノエラブジマ ノ ショウガッコウ ニオケル ユウスイチ オ リヨウシタ ESD ジッセン
Practices of ESD Using the Springs at Elementary Schools in Okinoerabu Island

萩原, 豪  ,  元木, 理寿  ,  ハギワラ, ゴウ  ,  モトキ, マサトシ  ,  HAGIWARA, Go Wayne  ,  MOTOKI, Masatoshi

5pp.171 - 180 , 2015-03-31 , 鹿児島大学 , カゴシマ ダイガク , Kagoshima University
Okinoerabu Island is one of the raised coral islands and it has been historically difficult for residents to get water resources for their daily lives. There used to be more than 130 springs using for residential lives but nowadays here are only a few records of natural springs in Okinoerabu Island and the residents might forget their history and live culture with the springs. This research project tried to make a "spring location map" and describe a community improvement plan called "Sustainable Society". In year of 2012 and 2013, we asked three of local elementary schools to cooperate with our ESD project which uses springs as a theme of their local learning. This interim report covers the research study, and the result of this practice is expected to promote the ESD project in Okinoerabu Island in the near future.

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