Departmental Bulletin Paper 中途採用看護師のキャリア志向の特徴 -継続就業している看護師との比較-
Research on the Career Orientation of the Re-employed Nurses and the Career Continued Nurses
チュウトサイヨウカンゴシ ノ キャリアシコウ ノ トクチョウ-ケイゾクシュウギョウ シテイル カンゴシ トノ ヒカク-

宇野, 福美  ,  内田, 宏美  ,  津本, 優子

40pp.7 - 16 , 2018-03-31 , 島根大学医学部
The purpose of this paper is to clarify the characteristics of career orientation of there-employed nurses. From April to July on 2013, questionnaire survey was conducted against thenurses of the middle class hospitals in the Chugoku Region of Japan. 107 re-employed nurse data and120 continued nurse data were compared. On the twenties, percentage of nurses oriented service andcontribution to society was what the former was 23% and the latter was 46%, showed significantdifference between the two. On the thirties, it was not showed significant difference between the two.Over the forties were indicated that 58% of the re-employed nurses and 31% of nurses are continuingto work toward service and contribution to society, and showed significant difference between thetwo. In addition, 23% of the re-employed nurses and, 61% of nurses are continuing to work wasoriented security and stability, showed significant difference between the two. Career-oriented changeis predicted by age, so it was suggested that a proper career management should be carried out in themanner of fitting the background of each person at the milestone of a career.
本研究の目的は、再就職した看護師のキャリア志向性の特徴を明らかにすることである。2013 年4~7月に、中国地方の200 床以上の病院の看護師を対象に質問紙調査を実施した。107 名の再就職者と120 名の継続就労者のデータを比較した。年代別にみると、20 代は「奉仕と社会貢献」志向の再就職者が23%、就労継続者46%であり、有意差が認められた。30 代は両者とも「保障と安定」志向が約60%、「奉仕と社会貢献」志向が約30%であり差はなかった。40 代以上では、再就職者の58%と就労継続者の31%が「奉仕と社会貢献」志向であり、再就職者の23%と就労継続者の61%が「保障と安定」志向であり、いずれも有意差が認められた。年代によってキャリア志向の変化が予測されることから、キャリアの節目に一人ひとりの背景に合わせた、適切なキャリアマネジメントを行うことの必要性が示唆された。
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