Departmental Bulletin Paper Surgical Correction of Unilateral Nasal Bony Deformity Using Nasal Septum Cartilage Following Treatment for Naso-orbitalethmoid Fractures: A Case Report

Ide, Taichi  ,  Kanno, Takahiro  ,  Aoi, Noriaki  ,  Kawauchi, Hideyuki  ,  Sekine, Joji

34 ( 2 )  , pp.61 - 66 , 2017-12-31 , Faculty of Medicine, Shimane University
Naso-orbital-ethmoid (NOE) fracture is relativelycommon in midfacial regions, but management remainschallenging. Here we report a novel techniqueusing nasal septal cartilage to correct para-nasal softtissue asymmetry in a 17-year-old Japanese male 6months after surgical treatment of fractures in theNOE complex. An otorhinolaryngologist harvestedthe septal cartilage during nasal septoplasty to correcta deviated septum that was planned to coincidewith removal of the plates 6 months after theprimary surgery. The maxillofacial surgeons thengrafted the septal cartilage into the concave area inthe right para-nasal region and fixed it with a bioresorbablescrew after removal of the right plate via atransconjunctival approach. The postoperative coursewas uneventful and the patient was satisfied withthe cosmetic outcome after 9 months postoperatively.Septal cartilage could be an effective grafting materialfor correction of postoperative midfacial concavedeformity following repair of an NOE fracture.
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