Departmental Bulletin Paper The Accuracy of a Non-invasive Liver Fibrosis Evaluation Method, Shear Wave Elastography: A Retrospective Pilot Study

Kotani, Satoshi  ,  Sato, Shiyuichi  ,  Kohge, Naruaki  ,  Tsukano, Kosuke  ,  Ogawa, Sayaka  ,  Yamanouchi, Satoshi  ,  Kusunoki, Ryusaku  ,  Aimi, Masahito  ,  Miyaoka, Yoichi  ,  Fujishiro, Hirofumi  ,  Yamamoto, Tomohiko  ,  Ohnuma, Hideyuki

34 ( 2 )  , pp.47 - 53 , 2017-12-31 , Faculty of Medicine, Shimane University
Objective: We aimed to evaluate the diagnostic accuracyof shear wave elastography( SWE) for the assessmentof liver fibrosis in patients with liver disease.Methods: A total of 54 consecutive patients who underwentSWE measurement and liver biopsy were included.Receiver-operator characteristic (ROC) curveswere constructed to calculate the area under the ROCcurve( AUC) for F0-2 versus F3-4 and F0-3 versus F4.Results: Fibrosis scores estimated by SWE were F0 for9 cases, F1 for 18 cases, F2 for 11 cases, F3 for 9 cases,and F4 for 7 cases. AUCs for severe fibrosis (F3 andF4) and cirrhosis (F4) were 0.931 (P < 0.001) and0.916 (P < 0.001), respectively. Shear wave velocitycorrelated significantly with liver fibrosis obtained byliver biopsy( r = 0.679, P < 0.001).Conclusion: SWE is a useful and non-invasive technologyto estimate liver fibrosis in liver disease regardlessof etiology.
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