Departmental Bulletin Paper A list of drosophilid flies collected in Shimane Prefecture, Japan

MORITA, Yusuke  ,  KATOH K., Takehiro  ,  WATADA, Masayoshi  ,  HATSUMI, Machiko

We collected drosophilid flies in the east region of Shimane Prefecture including the Oki Islands, Japan from 2011 to 2015 by two collection methods, net sweeping and fermented banana bate traps. A total of 73 drosophilid species belonging to 17 genera were recorded (59 species belonging to 17 genera in the Oki Islands and 55 species belonging to 12 genera in the mainland of Shimane). Following 13 species belonging to 10 genera were newly recorded from Chugoku region; Amiota dispina, Leucophenga acutipollinosa, Microdrosophila maculata, Dichaetophora pseudotenuicauda, Mycodrosophila erecta, M. japonica, M. shikokuana, Paramycodrosophila nakamurai, Scaptomyza elmoi, Zaprionus aungsani, Hirtodrosophila nudinokogiri, Drosophila imaii and D. oshimai. Combining with previous reports, 87 species belonging to 19 genera of drosophilid flies were recorded. This covers 28% of Drosophilidae species distributing in the whole land of Japan.

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