Departmental Bulletin Paper 大山西麓の基盤について : 重力異常観測と常時微動観測による推定
Relief of the basement rocks beneath the western Daisen Volcano : estimation from Bouguer gravity anomaly observation and microtremor mesurement
ダイセン セイロク ノ キバン ニ ツイテ : ジュウリョク イジョウ カンソク ト ジョウジ ビドウ カンソク ニ ヨル スイテイ

小金井, 茜  ,  野口, 竜也  ,  小室, 裕明

35pp.25 - 30 , 2016-12 , 島根大学大学院総合理工学研究科地球資源環境学教室
Bouguer gravity anomaly observations revealed the basement relief under the western flank of Daisen Volcano. A total of 250 observation points including 150 new points in the studied area with 9x10 km in size describe a N-S basement ridge in this area after the band-pass filtering of 1-20 km in wavelength. In addition, three point array observations of microtremor showed that the Daisen volcaniclastic sediments covering the basement rocks consist of 2 or 3 layers in this area. Single point microtremor observations also revealed predominant periods, which nearly represent the Daisen volcaniclastic sediments. The thickness changes of these sediments are in good agreement with the basement relief estimated from the gravity anomaly.

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