Departmental Bulletin Paper 福島第一原子力発電所事故に伴う健康被害と民間団体「関東子ども健康調査支援基金」による甲状腺スクリーニング検査の取り組み
The Thyroid Screening Test by the Nongovernment Organization (NGO) for Clarifying the Health Hazard Caused by the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster
フクシマダイイチゲンシリョクハツデンショ ジコ ニ トモナウ ケンコウヒガイ ト ミンカンダンタイ カントウ コドモ ケンコウチョウサ シエン キキン ニ ヨル コウジョウセンスクリーニングケンサ ノ トリクミ

楠, 正勝  ,  野宗, 義博

39pp.23 - 25 , 2017-03-31 , 島根大学医学部
The thyroid screening test by the non-government organization (NGO) has begun for those who worry about the health hazard by the radioactive substance scattered from Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant. The aim of the NGO’s activity is to detect thyroid cancer in the early stage and to get rid of the people’s anxiety. Nearly 5,000 of the examinees have received the annual thyroid checkup for the last three years. So far, no thyroid cancer has been detected by the NGO’s screening test. In February 2016 we participated in the thyroid screening test held in Ibaraki prefecture. In advance of the screening test, the examinee’s parents were informed of the outline of the test and they could have the results of the examination including the ultrasound photos. Regardless of the examinee’s hometown, they could receive the screening test with no specific prerequisite. Undoubtedly, this annual screening test greatly ameliorates the people’s confusion and anxiety brought about the nuclear disaster. In conclusion, we believe that the government-led large scale screening test system should be established as soon as possible.

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