Departmental Bulletin Paper 写真分析からみた大学生協食堂を利用する大学生の食生活の実態と意識
The Reality and Awareness of the Eating Habits of University Students : Who Uses a University Co-op Cafeteria as Seen through Photo Analysis
シャシン ブンセキ カラ ミタ ダイガク セイキョウ ショクドウ オ リヨウ スル ダイガクセイ ノ ショクセイカツ ノ ジッタイ ト イシキ

多々納, 道子  ,  安積, 文香  ,  キッド, ダスティン

15pp.169 - 181 , 2016-08-30 , 島根大学教育学部附属教育臨床総合研究センター
In order to improve the meal selection capability of university students, we conducted a survey of university students who live alone by using photographs of the dinner menu and a questionnaire survey about eating habits, which helped us clarify the realities and the awareness of university student eating habits.13;The results were as follows:13;1. In dinner combinations, only about half of the side dishes comprised of vegetables were taken, which causes concern for a lack of vegetables in student diets.13;2. When choosing a dinner meal, the main reasons for using the university co-op cafeteria were preference and mood, and not much importance was placed on nutritional balance.13;3. The reason for using the co-op cafeteria was the convenience of things such as meal cards, and not much importance was given to the ease of obtaining balanced nutrition.

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