Departmental Bulletin Paper 松江城の石垣の石材とその起源
Sources of stones in the rampart of Matsue Castle
マツエジョウ ノ イシガキ ノ セキザイ ト ソノ キゲン

新宮, 敦弘

34pp.105 - 115 , 2016-03-05 , 島根大学大学院総合理工学研究科地球資源環境学教室
In the literature, four kinds of stone are used in the rampart of Matsue Castle. Each building stone is called with the name “Oomizakiishi”, “Yadaishi”, “Inbeishi” and “Yomegashimaishi”. However, in practice, there are more stones named “Shimaishi” and “Moriyamaishi”. I classify these building stones of the rampart and estimate the districts of stone-suppliers. And I found the history of the building stones and repair of the Rampart have certain relationship.

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