Departmental Bulletin Paper 訪問看護職員の仕事に対するやりがいとその関連要因
Motivation for the Work of the Visiting Nurses and Related Factors
ホウモンカンゴ ショクイン ノ シゴト ニ タイスル ヤリガイ ト ソノ カンレンヨウイン

加藤, 典子  ,  津本, 優子  ,  内田, 宏美

38pp.35 - 44 , 2016-03-31 , 島根大学医学部
 This research aimed at clarifying reward of home-visiting nurses and the factors relating it. Total inspection using questionnaires was conducted with visiting nurses working in T district in June 2014. Data obtained from 462 subjects were analyzed. The average years of their working experience was 20±8 years. 58% of them were regular employees and 29.4 % of them were in managerial positions. The questionnaires were revised for the visiting nurses, based on “Assessment criteria of job satisfaction” created by Fukuoka. Factor analysis was used to analyze the data. The following ten factors were extracted: [managerial roles in their stations], [a comfortable workplace],[assertive action to solve problems], [considerate support from the people concerned], [solidarity with other nurses], [having a passion for their job], [self-effort to improve their working skills], [good working relationships], [realization of work-life balance], [to be expected as a visiting nurse]. Regular employees, administrators, nurses in stand-by positions and nurses with long working experience showed a significantly high sense of fulfillment for [their managerial roles in their stations]. It was assumed that home-visiting nurses found the reward if they were given the responsible task in the stable work-environment.

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