Departmental Bulletin Paper 地域看護学実習指導者による学習効果を高めるための指導上の工夫
Instructional Efforts of Community Health Nursing Practice Instructors to Increase Learning Effects in Students
チイキカンゴジッシュウ シドウシャ ニ ヨル ガクシュウコウカ オ タカメル タメ ノ シドウジョウ ノ クフウ

榊原, 文  ,  小笹, 美子  ,  福岡, 理英

38pp.55 - 61 , 2016-03-31 , 島根大学医学部
This study aimed to identify instructional efforts of community health nursing practice instructors to increase learning effects in students, while focusing on the activities offered to certain groups or communities and on the cooperation with other professionals or institutions. Group interviews were conducted involving 27 nursing practice instructors, and the obtained data were analyzed using a qualitative approach. As the results, 4 categories were extracted: <<help students understand the features of the community by studying the importance of a sense of unity>>, <<help students experience health nursing activities conducted based on the features of the community>>, <<explain the meaning of cooperation with other professionals and institutions>>, and <<support students’ learning while cooperating with other professionals and institutions>>. The nursing practice instructors provided students with opportunities to develop a sense of unity with the community in nursing practice, helping students experience the true nature of nursing practice by encountering community residents with different values. The instructors also provided learning support while cooperating with other professionals and institutions, in order to teach students about the significance of cooperation in the promotion of healthcare and welfare services. The results indicate the importance of providing students with opportunities to experience nursing activities, as well as the need to be actively involved with students in order to deepen their learning based on their experience.

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