Departmental Bulletin Paper 島根県産堆肥の特性評価
Characterization of animal manure composts produced in Shimane
シマネケンサン タイヒ ノ トクセイ ヒョウカ

静間, 愛樹  ,  海田, 真帆  ,  平川, 愛  ,  佐藤, 邦明  ,  増永, 二之

20pp.15 - 20 , 2015-09-30 , 島根大学生物資源科学部
We analyzed and characterized the properties of animal manure composts produced in Shimane as fundamental data for their efficient use for agricultural production and the promotion of organic farming in Shimane. The characteristics of composts are summarized in each animal manure types as follows. Chicken manure compost (ChMC) contained Acid Detergent soluble organic matter about two times higher than did cattle manure (CMC), pig manure (PMC) and wood/bark composts (WBC). This indicated ChMC contained relatively high readily decomposable organic matter. Besides, ChMC had higher pH and EC values and Ca, P and Mg contents than did the other composts. PMC contained relatively high Cu and Zn, which indicated we should be careful about Cu and Zn accumulation when it is continuously applied to a filed. Chicken manure ash compost had high pH and EC values and contained micro-nutrients significantly high comparing with the other composts. It may be used for the purpose different from the other composts such as micro-nutrients amendment. The composition of the composts varied in producing places even though the type of animal manure was the same. It is necessary to conduct a study on the better usage of the compost considering soil and crop types through the examination of the nutrient efficiencies in farm fields based on the results obtained in this study.

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