Departmental Bulletin Paper 小中学生のネット依存と生活満足度―群馬県前橋市調査より―
The Internet Addiction and Life Satisfaction among Schoolchildren: On a Survey in Maebashi City

伊藤, 賢一  ,  ITO, Kenichi  ,  イトウ, ケンイチ

25pp.21 - 37 , 2018-03-01 , 群馬大学社会情報学部
The word “Internet addiction”has becomequite common among Japanese people. This paper attempts to identify the rate of the high-risk group of this “disease”among schoolchildren, to find out the distribution of them and what kind of net servicesthey incline to use on a survey we executed in primary and junior-high schools in Maebashi city, Gunma prefecture, Japan.The result tells us that 7.9% of 5-6 grade primary schoolchildren and 6.8% of junior-high schoolchildren are regarded as belonging to the high risk group. According to our regression analysis, movie sites are the most influential among several online services for the “addiction score”we set on our questionnaire.We also find out the adaptationto schoollife is important for the score.

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