Departmental Bulletin Paper 郷土トランプの制作を取り入れた住教育の実践 ── 小学校総合学習における小学生と大学生の協働による学び ──
Learning living environment by making indigenous playing cards ── Integrated study based on collaboration with elementary school children and university students ──

田中, 麻里  ,  TANAKA, Mari  ,  タナカ, マリ  ,  田中, 克彦  ,  TANAKA, Katsuhiko  ,  タナカ, カツヒコ

How can we maintain our living environment comfortable place to live? One of the important factors is toknow our living environment including ancient wisdom and ingenious attempt of living culture. There are severaleducational tools to understand regional characteristics such as picture storybook, Kamishibai, Karuta andplyaing cards.  The purpose of this paper is to show the process to create indigenous playing cards as collaborative integratedstudy with school children and university students. We made creative Gunma playing cards representationof the highly unique aspect of Gunma prefecture.  Educational technique making indigenous playing cards brings a lot of incentive, recognition and attachmentto their living environment through various communications. It has exciting prospect of active learning forliving environment and integrated study.

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