Journal Article The Role of the Posterior Oblique Ligament in Tears of the M edial Collateral Ligament of the Knee

Higuchi, Hiroshi  ,  Kobayashi, Atsushi  ,  Ikeda, Keiko  ,  Hatayama, Kazuhisa

67 ( 3 )  , pp.203 - 206 , 2017-08-01 , 北関東医学会
Purpose:To evaluate a novel method to diagnose injury of the postero-oblique ligament(POL)complicating injuryof the medial collateral ligament (MCL) of the knee and its treatment.M ethods:Five POL-injured patients with grade III MCL injury were enrolled. Injury of the POL was diagnosedby valgus stress radiography with an external rotational force applied to the leg at 30r knee flexion (VSRE) andarthroscopy.Results:On VSRE, in the neutral position widening of the medial joint space of the knee compared to the intactside was seen in all patients. Arthroscopy also showed marked widening of the joint space at the MCL andposteriorly to it. Intraoperatively, instability on the posteromedial side of the knee remained following the repairof the MCL alone,but stability was obtained by repair of the POL. No instability of the knee was noted on VSREeven two years postoperatively, and the patients could return to their former sport activities.Conclusions: VSRE was effective for diagnosing injury of the POL. If the POL-injury is detected using thisscreening test, repair of the POL as well as MCL would be considered necessary.

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