Journal Article Risk Factors for the Development of Osteoarthritis after Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction

Nakagawa, Tomoyuki  ,  Kimura, Masashi  ,  Ogoshi, Atsuko  ,  Yanagisawa, Shinya  ,  Yorifuji, Hiroshi  ,  Takagishi, Kenji

67 ( 2 )  , pp.129 - 133 , 2017-05-01 , 北関東医学会
Background: Risk factors have been reported for osteoarthritis (OA) after anterior cruciate ligament (ACL)reconstruction, but previous studies did not include a control group, and may have included OA that would havenaturally developed even in the absence of ACL injury. This study investigated risk factors compared with thepatient’s own contralateral knee.M ethods:Three hundred forty-nine patients who had undergone ACL reconstruction at least 15 years previouslywere invited to visit the hospital. After exclusion criteria were applied, 40 patients were included in the study,including 16 with progressive OA and 24 without OA. Progressive OA was defined as OA that was more advancedon the affected side than on the contralateral side. The variables evaluated included age at the time of surgery,timefrom injury to surgery, sex, graft material, cartilage damage, and meniscectomy.Results:No significant differences between groups were seen in terms of age,time from injury to surgery,sex,graftmaterial, or cartilage damage. Meniscectomy was ultimately performed significantly more frequently in the OAgroup (88%) than in the non-OA group (38%;p<0.01).Conclusions:Meniscectomy was found to constitute a risk factor for the progression of OA after ACL reconstruction.

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