Thesis or Dissertation Relationship between Self-care Agency and Quality of Life Among Cancer Patients Undergoing Outpatient Chemotherapy

Yoshida, Kumiko  ,  Kanda, Kiyoko

66 ( 4 )  , pp.271 - 277 , 2016-11-01 , 北関東医学会
Purpose/Objectives:The purpose of this study was to demonstrate the relationship between self-care agency andquality of life (QOL) in cancer patients undergoing outpatient chemotherapy. Design: The study used a correlationalresearch design with cancer patients undergoing outpatient chemotherapy at a medical facility. M ethods:The subjects of the study were cancer patients from Facility A undergoing outpatient chemotherapy. A self-reportsurvey form was distributed to subjects and responses were returned by mail. The main variables of interestconsisted of(1)Honjo’s(2001)SCAQ to test chronic patients’self-care agency and (2)Cella’s(1993)FACT-G forQOL. Findings:The average age of subjects was 58.4, and the leading cancer types were breast cancer (38%) andlymphoma malignum (20%). The mean score(±SD) for each scale was 124.02± 13.56 on the SCAQ and 72.91±17.04 on the FACT-G. A significant correlation was found between the scores on these two scales (r=.245, p.05). Conclusions: People with greater self-care agency have a higher level of QOL. The results suggest theimportance of nurses’support in helping to cultivate patients’self-care agency.

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