Departmental Bulletin Paper 各種繊維布地に付着したタバコ臭の評価研究
Study on Evaluation for the Adhesion of Cigarette Odor to Various fabrics

前田, 亜紀子  ,  Maeda, Akiko  ,  マエダ, アキコ  ,  小林, 桃子  ,  Kobayashi, Momoko  ,  コバヤシ, モモコ

The purpose of this study was to evaluate the procedures of absorption and diffusion of cigarette odor invarious fabrics. In experiment 1, for fifteen kinds of fabrics, odor sensor values and sensory evaluation werecompared right after the adhesion of cigarette odor, 1 hour later and 24 hours later. In experiment 2,twelvedeodorant conditions were compared right after adhered to cigarette odor. In experiment 3, contaminationrates of fabrics were measured in the conditions that 1 to 4 cigarettes were burned. As a result,the maximumodor contamination rate was obtained from acetate in the condition which was right after the cigarette odorwas adhered, and the minimum odor contamination rate was gained from the acrylic in the same condition.Since the odor decreased over time, a law of Weber Fechner explained the relationship between odor sensorvalue and sensory evaluation. In terms of deodorant effect,misting fabrics with water and leaving the fabricsin high humidity environment are the best methods from the various perspectives. The contamination rateincreases in proportion to number of cigarettes

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