Departmental Bulletin Paper 戦争と平和から見た文明 〜『文明の衝突』批判〜
Civilization from the Perspective of War and Peace —A Criticism of The Clash of Civilizations—

南谷, 覺正  ,  Minamitani, Akimasa

23pp.87 - 106 , 2016-03-01 , 群馬大学社会情報学部
The purpose of this essay is to propose a renewed concept of civilization more suited to the twenty-first century that followed the one remembered for plunder, exploitation, and the destruction and sins of war. By way of illustration, Samuel P. Huntington’s The Clash of Civilizations is reviewed and analyzed in the light of the proposed concept of civilization. The much criticized book, for all its insight, is characterized by its insidious attachment to the residua of the “modern.” The human society now desperately needs clues for finding the way out of the predicaments the old “civilizations” have placed it in. A new wineskin in time must be of critical help for the advancement of humankind.

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