Journal Article Effect of primary amines on magnetic properties of Fe-Ni films electroplated in a DES-based plating bath

Yanai, T.  ,  Akiyoshi, T.  ,  Yamaguchi, T.  ,  Takashima, K.  ,  Morimura, T.  ,  Nakano, M.  ,  Fukunaga, H.

8 ( 5 )  , p.056106 , 2018-05 , American Institute of Physics
Fe-Ni alloy films were electroplated in DES-based plating baths with various primary amines, and we investigated the effect of the primary amines on the magnetic and the structural properties of the films. The primary amines of ammonium sulfamate, DL-α-alanine and L-glutamic acid reduced the coercivity and the surface roughness of the Fe-rich films (Fe > 70 at.%), and the reduction tendencies of the coercivity and the roughness show good agreement with the result of our previous study on another primary amine of glycine. From the results for the TEM observation, we found that the texture of the Fe-rich film is clearly different from that for the Fe-poor one (Fe < 30 at.%), and we concluded that the primary amines are effective additives for the Fe-rich films electroplated in the DES-based plating baths.

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