Journal Article Improvement in surface conditions of electroplated Fe-Pt thick-film magnets

Yanai, T.  ,  Honda, J.  ,  Hamamura, R.  ,  Omagari, Y.  ,  Yamada, H.  ,  Fujita, N.  ,  Takashima, K.  ,  Nakano, M.  ,  Fukunaga, H.

8 ( 5 )  , p.056437 , 2018-05-01 , American Institute of Physics
Fe-Pt thick-films were electroplated on Ta, Ti, Co, Ni, and Cu plates (substrates) using a direct current, and the surface morphology, the magnetic properties, and the crystal structure of the films were evaluated. The films plated on the Co, Ni, and Cu substrates showed much smooth surface compared with those for the Ta and Ti ones, and we confirmed that the Cu plate was the most attractive substrate due to very small cracks after an annealing for L10 ordering. High coercivity (>800 kA/m) for the Cu substrate is almost the same as that for our previous study in which we employed the Ta substrate, and we found that the Cu plate is a hopeful substrate to improve the surface conditions of electroplated Fe-Pt thick-film magnets.

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