Journal Article Electroplated Fe-Co-Ni films prepared in ammonium-chloride-based plating baths

Yanai, T.  ,  Koda, K.  ,  Kaji, J.  ,  Aramaki, H.  ,  Eguchi, K.  ,  Takashima, K.  ,  Nakano, M.  ,  Fukunaga, H.

8 ( 5 )  , p.056127 , 2018-05-01 , American Institute of Physics
We electroplated Fe-Co-Ni films in ammonium-chloride-based plating baths, and investigated the effect of the Co content on the magnetic properties and the structural ones of the as-plated films. The coercivity increased abruptly when the Co content become more than 60 at.%. As the rough surfaces were observed in the high Co content region, we considered that degradation of the surface is a factor of the abrupt increase in the coercivity. From the XRD analysis, we found that another factor of the abrupt increase is fcc-bcc phase transformation, and concluded that we need to keep the fcc structure to obtain Fe-Co-Ni films with low coercivity.

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