Journal Article Magnetic properties of Pr-Fe-B thick-film magnets deposited on Si substrates with glass buffer layer

Nakano, M.  ,  Kurosaki, A.  ,  Kondo, H.  ,  Shimizu, D.  ,  Yamaguchi, Y.  ,  Yamashita, A.  ,  Yanai, T.  ,  Fukunaga, H.

8 ( 5 )  , p.056231 , 2018-05-01 , American Institute of Physics
In order to improve the magnetic properties of PLD-made Pr-Fe-B thick-film magnets deposited on Si substrates, an adoption of a glass buffer layer was carried out. The glass layer could be fabricated under the deposition rate of approximately 70 μm/h on a Si substrate using a Nd-YAG pulse laser in the vacuum atmosphere. The use of the layer enabled us to reduce the Pr content without a mechanical destruction and enhance (BH)max value by approximately 20 kJ/m3 compared with the average value of non-buffer layered Pr-Fe-B films with almost the same thickness. It is also considered that the layer is also effective to apply a micro magnetization to the films deposited on Si ones.

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