Departmental Bulletin Paper アニマルセラピー:管理者への応用可能性

林, 徹

97 ( 1-4 )  , pp.117 - 138 , 2018-01-25 , 長崎大学経済学会
Are managers more prone to raise pets than rank-and-file? Although there is much physiological, psychological, or psychosocial research on the effect of raising pets on individuals in general, patients, inpatients, younger people, elderly, etc., there seems to be little focus on managers who seem to have more stress in business than non-managers. After reviewing the literature relevant and surveys by Ministry of the Environment, we show the facts found in the interviews toward ten managers incumbent with original questionnaire (Kusubayashi, 2017). We found an intrigue fact through the interviews. On the one hand, the managers who used to have pets, i.e. do not have now, are likely to regard pets as his/her own child. On the other, the managers who have pets now are not likely.

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