Journal Article Development of a Stator-Magnetless Linear Synchronous Motor for Sensorless Control

Makino, Shogo  ,  Kakihara, Masanobu  ,  Takase, Yoshiyasu  ,  Takaki, Mamoru  ,  Shikayama, Toru  ,  Ohto, Motomichi  ,  Higuchi, Tsuyoshi  ,  Abe, Takashi

53 ( 5 )  , pp.4559 - 4568 , 2017-09 , IEEE
Sensorless control techniques that do not use a linear scale are desired for applications that require a long-stroke linear synchronous motor (LSM). This paper discusses the development of a stator-magnetless LSM (i.e., no magnet is mounted on the stator of the LSM) for sensorless control that includes a high-speed position estimation algorithm based on the magnetic saturation phenomenon. This paper presents a new structure of a flux-switching LSM that achieves a high saliency ratio using a cutout that results in magnetic saturation in the armature core. The effect of the sub-tooth on reducing the cogging thrust is also discussed. Furthermore, the analytical and experimental characteristics of inductance, thrust, cogging thrust, and sensorless drive control are discussed based on a prototype.

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