Journal Article Low pH-triggering changes in peptide secondary structures

Furukawa, Kaori  ,  Oba, Makoto  ,  Toyama, Kotomi  ,  Opiyo, George Ouma  ,  Demizu, Yosuke  ,  Kurihara, Masaaki  ,  Doi, Mitsunobu  ,  Tanaka, Masakazu

15 ( 30 )  , pp.6302 - 6305 , 2017-08-14 , Royal Society of Chemistry
We developed a novel methodology using cyclic α,α-disubstituted α-amino acids (dAAs) with an acetal-side chain to control peptide secondary structures. The introduction of cyclic dAAs into peptides contributed to the stabilization of peptide secondary structures as a helix, while an acidic treatment of peptides resulted in a marked conformational change.

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