Departmental Bulletin Paper 公共施設等の維持管理・更新・マネジメント(その1) 公共施設等の状況把握とその特徴 ~諫早市の事例~

松田, 浩  ,  安武, 敦子  ,  森田, 千尋  ,  佐藤, 吉宏  ,  稲田, 裕

47 ( 89 )  , pp.67 - 74 , 2017-07 , 長崎大学大学院工学研究科
In Japan, the aging of public facilities constructed during the period of high economic growth is progressing. While huge renewal investment is anticipated in the future, in addition to the reduction in tax revenues, the increase in assistance expenses etc. is expected to rise rapidly and there is concern that renewal and repair expenses will be secured. Furthermore, it is necessary to deal with the falling birthrate and the aging population and corresponding changes in the facility functions required. In response to these challenges, it was urgent to introduce "public facility management", which is a mechanism for comprehensively grasping the public facilities they possess and managing and borrowing them in conjunction with fiscal management. In this paper, in developing comprehensive management plan of Isahaya City, we first examined the current situation analysis and its characteristics in order to grasp the situation of public facilities etc. in Isahaya city.

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